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Running for APA Division 49 President!

Having been a member of Division 49 - The Society of Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy - of the American Psychological Association for many years, I am honored to be considered as a candidate for President in the upcoming elections. Division 49's journal, "Group Dynamics" is one of the most prestigious journals in the field of psychology due to the efforts of a dedicated and talented group of editors and contributors. The Division is also drawing a new generation of members devoted to group work, from fields as disparate as social psychology, sport psychology, military psychology and group therapy. Past Presidents and members include the best and brightest in our field - Gary Burlingame, Dennis Kivlighan, George Tasca, Rex Stockton and many other talented academics and practitioners. It is an organization I am proud to be a member of.

If elected, I would seek to build on the existing strengths of the organization through several initiatives: 1) Building the organizational membership through reaching out to organizations and fields utilizing group work, 2) Working with AGPA on developing materials to illustrate the benefits of group therapy to public and private third-party payers, thereby increasing the likelihood of improved outcomes for clients 3) Work closely with APA Practice Directorate to advocate for group therapy as a treatment modality 4) Continue to forge alliances on shared projects with AGPA.

If you are not already a member of Division 49, please consider joining. It is a wonderful Society to be a part of, since it combines intellectual rigor with a warm and inviting membership. Please also make sure to vote in the elections. While of course, I would be honored by your vote for my candidacy, it is also important to go and vote, to have your voice heard, whether you choose to vote for me or not! Your choices regarding leadership can really make a difference to our field.

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