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Focused Brief Group Therapy and Group Therapy books and videos 


The FBGT book and video recently came out via APA Press.   The other books and videos on this page also feature content that providers may find helpful when working with FBGT - information on use of measurement-based care and a video on the basics of group therapy, for those just getting started. 

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Focused brief group therapy:  An interpersonal approach to reducing interpersonal distress

Now out, Focused brief group therapy: An integrative approach to reducing interpersonal distress (2024), by APA Press.  Click on the image on the left to be taken to the APA website to see more about the book and its content.  For those looking for a theoretical overview as well as practical, hands-on tips on implementation of the approach. 

Video:  Focused brief group therapy in practice

This video demonstrates how FBGT techniques and theory can be implemented in a person-centered and multiculturally-sensitive way.  The video begins with a an actor displaying the interpersonal behaviors associated with being uninhibited in a screening session with Dr. Whittingham.  FBGT strategies to manage the boundary challenges and need for an FGBT technique called "inoculation" are demonstrated. Actors playing the parts of people with problems related to social inhibition; being too focused on the needs of the self; being socially uninhibited and too eager to please others are then seen working on their issues in the group.

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This book, co-edited by Dr. Whittingham along with Dr. MacNair-Semands, brings together leading experts in group therapy measurement-based care.  The book outlines how screening, process and outcome measures can be used to inform and enhance treatment. It gives case examples of how instruments can be used to build a working alliance, prevent group dropout and monitor outcomes.   Designed for practitioners, it is rich with case examples and practical, real-world studies of how to integrate assessment to enhance therapeutic interventions in a multiculturally-sensitive way. 

Dr. Whittingham serves as a discussant on this excellent introductory video by Drs. Marmarosh and DeSilva.  This video shows an initial client intake followed by a sample group sessions demonstrating how to work with clients in the initial phases of a group. 

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