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Mercy Health given Commendation for Excellence in Group Therapy by The American Group Psychotherapy

Building an Evidence Based group therapy program was a multi-year process, led first by Donna Markham and then handed off to me when I arrived. The results we obtained were fantastic - between double and triple the National average for inpatient recovery! I am very proud of all the Market Directors, Therapists, Behavioral Techs, Recreation Therapists and Nurses and Psychiatrists who gave so much of their energy, time, effort, dedication, expertise and heart to this program. It was a team effort! Mercy continues to serve over 13,000 patients a year and has a dedicated care team who are now working at the top of their licenses. I was proud to serve as Chief, Clinical Integration and Research for the Behavioral Health Institute at Mercy and I look forward to seeing them go from strength to strength. AGPA sent a special commendation to Mercy last week, recognizing the quality improvement of their group program and acknowledging it as one of the leading programs of its type in the Nation.

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