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Barriers to Group Therapy for African-American. Latino/a and White Students

This presentation was with Angela Harris (who co-presented), Raghav Suri and Michelle Stoyell, who unfortunately could not be there in person. They all did a fantastic job in all the tasks they took on in this project! The presentation focused on between and within group differences on barriers to group therapy for people from different ethnic and racial groups. With an N of around 300 people, we had a nice sample size to show what issues were equally concerning between groups and what differences there were. A couple of findings really struck us: 1) How important conflict was for all groups as a potential barrier and 2) How group members also really wanted leaders to be able to manage it well. We also discussed with the audience that African-Americans and Latino/a's wanted to talk about race and identity, but whites were slightly less enthusiastic about this. Lots of good discussions with the audience and we look forward to further workshops on this. Lots of material but so little time!

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