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Whittingham Psychological Services LLC 

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My private practice is based in Montgomery, Ohio.  I accept a small number of clients for individual and group therapy.  I do not accept insurance.  

My Story

My work as a therapist always starts with listening.  I see the therapy relationship as a journey of collaborative understanding.  We will look at how your life has unfolded to bring you to where you are.  We will explore your strengths, how you see your life in the present and what has influenced you to this point.  Then we will look together at what is troubling you and explore the options for working through it.  I believe that the therapy approach should fit the client, so working together on realistic goals and an agreement about what treatment will look like is key.  


My particular specialty is relationships.  I use individual and group therapy to help clients work through difficulties in relationships that are getting in the way of their needs being met in relation to other people.  One of life's key tasks is managing the needs of the self in relation to the needs of others, and that can be a helpful focus for many people. 

I grew up in England and moved to the USA, so I also see cultural and life experiences as important in how we make sense of the world.  Whether that is the region someone grew up in or a diversity variable like gender, race or sexuality, I will always ask what is important to know about you and whether this feels important for us to focus on.  I approach each person with a sense of humility and understanding.  

What I Do


Individual therapy


Long-term groups


Focused Brief Group Therapy




I am currently only open for limited hours.  Please email me and I will return your message. Please note, that I am not currently accepting insurance.

Please email and leave a number I can reach you at

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