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Whittingham Psychological Services

Welcome! I offer psychotherapy services for adults, young adults, business professionals and therapists.  I work primarily on helping people improve their relationships, using either individual or group psychotherapies. 


We are relational beings and research shows that our connections to others predict everything from mental health problems to even physical health.  I work by combining down-to-earth, person-centered and multiculturally-responsive treatment with measurement based care.  Measurement based care involves using assessment tools collaboratively and transparently with clients to shed light on what might be impacting their lives.  I see the therapy relationship as a place to work on becoming curious together about what strengths, struggles and challenges each person faces. Solutions also involve finding agreement about what is working and not working in therapy so we can move forward together on solutions to problems.


Dr. Martyn Whittingham, CGP., FAPA., FAGPA

Dr. Whittingham has received international recognition for his work in teaching, training, research and practice.  He has received two national awards for group therapy and is a Fellow of two national organizations.  He has authored or edited two book, both coming out in 2023.  His work is also extensively featured in the new edition of Yalom & Leszcz's seminal book, The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy. 

Dr. Whittingham's approach to therapy is based on integrative interpersonal process therapy combined with measurement based care. He has worked as part of the Yalom Institute in China while also launching his own certification program in Focused Brief Group Therapy. 

Practice Details

Hours for this practice are limited due to the individualized nature of the practice.  Please leave a message on the contact form and include hours you may be able to meet.  Hours are typically mornings and early afternoon.  

Please note that if this is an emergency, contact emergency services (911) as messages to this website are not checked on a daily basis.

I do not accept insurance but can provide documentation for you to provide to your insurance company detailing hours and days we meet. 

Please check rates for each service here:

Therapy Services

Individual Therapy

I provide individual therapy services.  To learn more and schedule an initial interview, click here.

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Group Therapy 

I provide group therapy services.  To learn more, and schedule an initial interview, click here

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