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Focused Brief Group Therapy

Welcome to the web site for Focused Brief Group Therapy (FBGT).   You will find links to workshops, consultancies, a brief overview of the approach and Dr. Whittingham's personal blog.  

FBGT is a semi-structured, integrative interpersonal approach created by Dr. Martyn Whittingham, that works on reducing interpersonal distress in eight sessions or less.  It utilizes measurement-based care collaboratively with clients to generate a focus for treatment that is strengths-based, culturally informed and allows for non-judgmental accountability for outcomes.  

Breaking news!:  **FBGT has recently been named by the APA Monitor in its "Trends for 2024" special issue**

FBGT uses measurement-based care to inform the treatment, relying on state-of-the-art, evidence-based assessment tools to augment therapist judgment.  Effectiveness research studies on the approach in the USA and Singapore have shown promising outcomes, including reductions in depression, overall life distress, social anxiety and interpersonal distress.  Studies have also shown low dropout rates, including strong retention rates and outcomes for people with interpersonal styles that typically do not respond well to therapy. 

Invited addresses or workshops have been given on the approach at Stanford Psychiatry,  McClean Hospital, Peking University Psychiatric Hospital, University of Florida, Beijing Normal University and Singapore Institute of Mental Health.  

FBGT is currently utilized nationally, across the USA and internationally in a range of treatment settings, including university counseling centers, inpatient and outpatient settings.


The book and video are now out through APA Press and are available through their website or via major book sellers!   



Trainings on FBGT are available and are currently under construction on this website.  Please sign up to the email list on the "contact us" page and you will be sent an email alerting you to upcoming virtual and in-person training opportunities.  Trainings can also be arranged for a specific agency or site, both in-person and virtually.  Send an email using the "contact us" form on this website.  

Note:  this website is currently under renovation.  Please go to "contact me" and enter your email and you will be placed on the email list.

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